Starting your personal training journey has never been easier! Nick Fey Fitness offers a wide variety of options including in-person or FaceTime personal training sessions or online exercise programming through my exclusive app. Click below to get started or contact me at for more information!

How Nick Fey Fitness Can Help You

In Person Training

Nick Fey will travel to your home and bring any equipment needed or you may train in his personal studio gym

Online Exercise Programming

Get access to a full custom program right on your phone that includes videos, instructions, and full access to Nick for questions

Live Video Training

If you live far away or prefer distance workouts, try out live workouts via Facetime or Zoom
All training services include off day and travel workouts plus warmup, mobility, and cardio per request!


Before training with Nick, I had tried several gyms, but I always left feeling intimidated or defeated. With Nick, I feel confident that every session is personalized for me to help me achieve my goals. He is very focused on ensuring my technique is correct – so I can get the most of my work out and avoid any injuries.  I’ve seen a tremendous amount of improvement in just the few months I’ve been working with him. I highly recommend Nick to anyone who is looking to achieve their fitness and health goals in a comfortable and personalized environment.


I have been working with Nick for the last two years and have been very impressed and appreciative of all that Nick has done for me. Having a health and exercise science background myself, I was always skeptical of working with a fitness trainer. Nick shattered all my perceptions and expectations. He is incredibly knowledgeable on fitness, nutrition and overall health and takes the time to understand my goals and assist me in achieving them. Without a doubt Nick’s passion is fitness and helping people and I would not hesitate to recommend Nick to anyone regardless of their fitness levels or goals.


Nick has been by far the best personal trainer I have ever had. He has brought a genuine interest as well as an unmatched level of dedication to facilitating progress in my training. He helped me lose weight when I wanted to lose weight, he helped me gain strength when I wanted to lift heavy, and he helped me when I wanted to run distance. 

Nick is an incredibly knowledgeable and well-rounded trainer, and a great guy. He will help meet any fitness goals you have.


Nick has been a great trainer. He’s taken me out of my comfort zone to try exercises I found intimidating before. He’s focused on helping me to accomplish my goals. It’s also been great to have a trainer come and work with me at my home gym. He’s very professional and kind. I never feel judged asking questions and trying new exercises.


After years of half-hearted attempts at gym memberships, twelve week workout challenges, and a variety of classes, I started working out with Nick a year and a half ago and my ideas about exercising and working out have changed completely…

Nick also works with my teenage sons who are serious soccer players.  Nick has a background in working with athletes and knows what they need to work on specifically for their sport.  Not only did my sons get stronger, I also saw their confidence grow, too!  Nick is a true professional who works hard for his clients and I can’t recommend him enough!


Nick outshines and outworks the many people I’ve trained with in my 56 years. He customizes every workout, taking into consideration my aches and pains of the day, personal goals and exercise preferences. He is a lifelong learner and constantly strives to better himself. I admire his quiet kindness and rock-solid integrity. Nick is truly one of a kind.


Who Is Nick Fey?

Nick graduated from the University of South Dakota in 2017 with a Bachelors Degree of kinesiology with a specialization in exercise science. While there, starting in 2013, I was a part-time personal trainer and intern strength coach at USD and University of Sioux Falls. Through the years I have gained experience working with hundreds of clients age 14-85 with goals including but not limited to: strength gain, weight loss, athletic performance, and injury prevention.

Personal Trainer (ACE) - Health Coach (ACE) - Medical Exercise Specialist (ACE) - Precision Nutrition Level 1

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